Increase your business profitability
by decreasing distribution costs


  • Save on fuel and other transport costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction through better time-management and meeting agreed times
  • Decrease in-field resource you need
  • Optimize the utilization of your resources
  • Promote safer driving by monitoring risk

RoadNet Suite


Through RoadNet, we offer several products one can use to improve profitability, efficiency and effectiveness All of our core products can be used stand-alone. But when integrated there are even greater savings.

Territory Planner

RoadNet’s premier, strategic tool for allocating sales territories to your reps:

  • Optimize delivery, service and sales routes
  • Create service policies based on volume of business
  • Plan for growth,
  • Handle seasonality and holiday swing routes
  • Balance capacities and workloads

You need only enter the relevant info (e.g. customer and operational details) and then you can use the power of Territory Planner to model routes focusing on your preferred strategies.

Territory Planner usually delivers a return in 6 months.


Generates optimal routes and truck load plans for your delivery drivers while cutting costs from 5 to 20 percent and meeting more agreed customer delivery times.

  • Optimize daily delivery and service operations in just minutes
  • Reduce miles driven , fuel spending and driver overtime
  • Measure driver performance on a daily basis
  • Maximize driver and equipment productivity meet and exceed customer service expectations
  • Capture daily reports and important historical data


Integrated with other tools, offers a way to track vehicles on the road and communicate changes to them.

  • Track all vehicles in real time
  • Improve communications among all members of your transportation team in the office and the field
  • Show vehicle space availability
  • Receive real-time updates on route status and proactive notifications

Roadnet Telematics

Extending Mobilecast, this GPS-based telematics solution provides onboard monitoring of the vehicles on the road:

  • Track a critical spectrum of vehicle operating and usage parameters such as oil & pressures
  • Manage miles driven
  • Schedule preventive maintenance
  • Optimize fleet effectiveness
  • Monitor risk and promote safety
  • Comprehensive reporting

Roadnet Info Center

This facility makes all key company transportation data instantly available to mangment and staff

  • Provide both historical and real-time information in actionable report formats
  • Eliminate the need of paper documentation

Roadnet Performance Dashboard

A one-stop overview graphically presented, showing key performance indicators of your fleet. Use it to:

  • Identify trends
  • Efficiently measure the Sales Ops fleet
  • Access to historical data

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