SalesSuite has over 100 years of combined experience of FMCG, in-field and back office operations. Its principles have experience running operations, internal services and business units in Europe and Central Asia. By banding together, SalesSuite can offer clients a wide variety of services and capability; are able to bring the right skills and knowledge to bear to solve operational issues, coach management, train in skills and integrate systems.

Since 2005, SalesSuite has been advising mid-sized distributors and distant operations for major manufacturers from North America to Central Asia.

Core to SalesSuite is its diagnostic. This approach starts out every request to assist, be it a systems review, re-organization or determining a new go-to-market strategy. When applied by consultants who have first hand experience operating businesses, this approach uncovers opportunities, finds gaps with best practices and illuminates how to improve effectiveness and efficiency and drive customer satisfaction.

SalesSuite’s breadth of experience of various go-to-market strategies, ERP and accounting systems, Routing packages, internet-based solutions and best practices gives it an edge over general consultants and also, firms vending one particular solution (such as a handheld system for pre-sell).

SalesSuite has taken on projects to help clients expand their in-house solutions and also amend mainstream packages such as SAP, 1C and Traverse. And, having in-house systems capability, SalesSuite is able to judge whether bids to customize are risky and/or over-priced.

The primary areas of FMCG where SalesSuite can help are:-

  • Sales & Distribution – with experience in pre-, tele-, e-, van- sales models; using internal and 3rd party distributors.
  • Modern Trade – working with Central Warehouse Delivery (CWD) and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI); defining means to police Key Account Agreements and motivate (and reward) field staff to monitor major chains.
  • Warehouse & Logistics – determining the best way given vehicles, manufacturing, facilities, software packages, local laws & traditions, to operate and control the warehouse and dispatch of delivery trucks.
  • Field Assets – how best to manage assets that are deployed, police such so as to minimize risk, and leverage placements to get the best return on investment.
  • Sales Force Automation -what to look for in a field system; how such should augment the selling process, driving higher sales and execution of sales development campaigns.
  • Route Engineering – how best to divide territories to get the greatest return from the most expensive assets; combining various go-to-market strategies to get the most order opportunities; and then, how to dispatch trucks to get the best utilization employing [possibly internet-based] resources.
  • Sales Organization – how to optimize the business structure so that it is lean, has sufficient checks & balances, naturally transferring objectives from the top-to-the-bottom of the organization.
  • Operating Planning – defining the methodology, protocols and forecast capability to build strong operational plans that support the forthcoming operating year.
  • Cash Flow – providing the tools, coaching, and regimen to monitoring cash flow, commitments, production, etc. so as to minimize the surprises and leverage needed.

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