One major gain in efficiencies for those companies that trade in fast moving product is that through the way that sales are settled. While traditional trade has many customers that buy infrequently and can be settled order-by-order, doing so in FMCG is a handicap. In this business, routes themselves operate as small businesses where, by treating their drivers as the partner in the sale, one can more quickly close a transaction; transferring some of the responsibility to those operating the routes.

Rather than checking every product quantity for every order the whole truck can be checked when leaving a warehouse; likewise, one need only book a total amount of cash – not cash for every invoice on which cash was collected.

SalesSuite supports both the immediate, Quick Settlement that happens immediately upon the return of the vehicle and the longer, more involved Full Settlement where one compares the total value of the product removed, the invoices and credit issued, cash collected and other documents (such as receipts) that were issued. SalesSuite validates this process and can work in 2 levels: at a depot level (e.g. for Quick) and then centrally validating all the work.


Settlements is available currently as a standalone Excel Add-In whose pages can be generated either manually, or through Core to the Excel tool is its ability to expand to any number of stops without the typical, complex Excel worksheet functions. The Excel Add-In is designed to work with a locally shared database of customers, to further improve productivity and safeguard data consistency.


  • Integrated Load, Stop & Validation
  • Single data entry where the data automatically appears in the right cells

  • Ticket & Invoice Printing
  • Consistent document standard that apply to all situations.

  • Load Quantity computation
  • Able to validate quantities taken from the stop settlement against the final, overall load.

  • General Ledger interface
  • Generating CSV file that can be processed if one’s GL can upload data

  • Validation of over/under
  • Ensure that exceptions are properly charged to the delivery drivers

  • Stop Settlement
  • Compute the final over/under for the account and clear outstanding balances.

  • Credit Collection
  • Track prior invoices that are cleared by the Delivery Driver during the current visit

  • Handle in-field computations
  • Recover errors made by Delivery Drivers and record the final value on official documents as reported to the tax authorities.

    This product runs on Excel 2003 and 2008. Standard PC configuration is all that is required.


  • Memory
  • 1GB

  • Speed
  • 1+ Ghz

  • Internet
  • Optional for support

  • Yes, if sharing customer db

  • Program space
  • 10 MB

  • Data space
  • Varies. Usually 50K/RouteDay


  • Microsoft Excel 2003, 2008
  • Microsoft Access
  • Optional, if sharing the customer db

  • Backup
  • Skype, Mikogo (or LogMeIn)
  • Optional, for support

    SalesSuite usually implements Cash Settlements with Sales Operations and/or Finance Settlements functions. As such are generally well-versed in the process, no process training is required (otherwise, additional days should be allocated for such). One can alter the text, customizing it for 1 or more languages.

    The timetable for implementation is as follows:-

    The Settlements package is usually implemented on site but it may be possible to do such remotely depending upon internet connection speed, ability to work in a language known to our support team, etc.

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