Where trading demands that placing company equipment on customer premises, monitoring those assets becomes a challenge. Not only does one need to track assets and audit periodically, but also one has to rigorously reconfirm that the customers continue to use those assets on your behalf and justify the continued placement.

SalesSuite’s Marketing Equipment (ME) is a combination of processes, protocols and tools that integrate into the field selling and asset management system. Core to SalesSuite, this product was designed from the start to manage the entire movement and service history processes and to support auditing and investigating issues that arise whenever assets leave a client’s premises.

Features & Benefits
  • Integrated sales customer and ME data
Consistent data; properly associate sales when assessing ROI
  • ME ROI Reporting and Ranking
Reduces the need for equipment by highlighting lagging accounts. Drives volume as accounts buy to retain equipment
  • ME Event Tracking
Better control ME activity with analysis
  • Combines Sales Accounts, Depots & 3rd parties
Consistent process reducing errors
  • Automated ME Audit
Satisfy external audit requirements; Improve timeliness proving equipment on-site
  • Service Confirmation Messaging
Improve customer satisfaction thru attentiveness; Police services performed claims by 3rd party engineers.
  • Service Request Messaging
Improve customer satisfaction through quicker communication between field and ME service; Standardize means to report issues
This product requires the SalesSuite Backoffice for its core process; for field auditing, it also requires SalesSuite InField. Additionally for auditing using RFID, it requires tags and tag readers.
SalesSuite usually implements Cash Settlements with Sales Operations and/or Finance Settlements functions. As such are generally well-versed in the process, no process training is required (otherwise, additional days should be allocated for such). One can alter the text, customizing it for 1 or more languages. The timetable for implementation is as follows:

Depending upon the diagnostic and structure of the ME function in the business (for example, the core team might not be centralized), the implementation process can take longer.

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