Salessuite is a point solution and that makes a difference in the sales & distribution of FMCG:

  • Intended to extend the standard ERP, accounting and/or routing solutions; working in tandem
  • Designed around an optimized process that covers planning-to-sales-to-cash (Route Settlement)
  • Naturally fits into the normal sales process while imposing structure

SalesSuite.Net is the first, web-based mobile selling system designed and priced to allow suppliers to automate consistently across all their go-to-market strategies:

  • Direct – supporting Sales Reps in the field doing either pre- and/or van- sales; in the back office, supporting passive and active tele sales; and over the internet, with customers re-ordering product
  • Indirect – passing orders to 3rd parties such as distributors & wholesalers
  • Modern & Organized Trade – applying tools to monitor compliance.

SalesSuite evolves with you. And will continue to drive efficiency and effectiveness:

  • Reducing non-sales related tasks
  • Reinforcing industry best-practices
  • Exchanging data between field and back office automatically and remotely

SalesSuite’s tools are easily implemented, sometimes within just a few days, with minimal effort:

  • Minimizing your IT infrastructure requirements
  • Requiring only an internet connection, and for Field staff, a Windows Mobile device with WiFi and GPRS (or CDMA)
  • Integrating with your back-end ERP or accounting system

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