SalesSuite’s internet-based tools address the core sales process in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Intended as both a point solution and gap filler, they sits atop an accounting and/or ERP systems and can be used in their entirety or in a modular way. In this way, clients retain their tried and tested system foundations and also get the new tools that SalesSuite has to offer.

SalesSuite’s solution is part of a new breed of software that addresses the specific needs of FMCG and can run over the web. Its core principles are:-

  • Integrating the back office with those facing customers
  • Optimizing the 15 minute sales call – by automating the preparation and structuring the call
  • Maximizing the opportunities to collect orders, aka Spread-Selling.

Running over the internet saves money and one can share IT resources. As a service, SalesSuite is a vested supplier. SalesSuite has to continuously strive to keep its customers satisfied. Detailed knowledge of FMCG coupled with GoDaddy, an industry leader in web-systems, SalesSuite can guarantee functionality, security and 99.96% guaranteed uptime internationally with complete back ups housed in state-of-the-art data centres.


Back Office “Blue Line”

Field Orders & Van Sales “Purple Line”

Modern Trade “Orange Line”

Marketing Equipment “Brown Line”

SalesSuite can provide the entire order-to-cash solution, integrating field handhelds with back office functions and supporting many go-to-market strategies. The solution consists of 4 major lines as illustrated below:-

Applying the concept of Spread-Selling, SS/B helps one optimize routes, using the best resources to achieve customer call frequency and satisfaction. The SalesSuite solution combines non-field (tele- & internet- sales) and field rep to schedule and monitor visits.

Downstream, the SalesSuite solution handles those orders: transferring data either out to an ERP, 3rd Party Logistics partner or internally passing such to its web-based Ticket Editing which handles stock and credit control situations. From here, data can either flow into the Dispatch function which builds delivery routes (or can transfer data to a separate tool such as UPS’ RoadNet or an ERP). If one choses to remain internally, then the SalesSuite Solution can print delivery documentation and generate route accounting packages.

The Back Office and Van Sales (part of the Field Orders) streams run in parallel before joining up at Route Settlements where one can either: extract the data immediately into an ERP/Accounting system, or use Route Settlement to validate that the cash collected, product delivered (and/or returned) and documents exchanged all agree.

Field Sales Reps receive pre-set routes of sequenced, customer visits for specific dates. This reduces the chance of missing customers. Knowing their sales targets and working with feedback from previous orders & deliveries, Sales Reps plan each call, building up a sales estimate for the day which they can compare with their overall sales targets. Arriving at an account, SalesSuite constructs the series of activities (called the Steps-of-the-Call) reflecting the Sales Rep intended approach (e.g. pre-, tel- or van-sales). The structured call ensures that every opportunity to sell is taken and it integrates communications from other departments who might request action by who ever next visits the customer.

Depending upon the steps, a Sales Rep:-

  • Updates progress made conducting Sales Development initiatives
  • Confirms that field assets are on-site and used as agreed
  • Checks the portfolio against what the customer has on-sale (for opportunities);
  • Cross-checks inventory for product availability;
  • Discusses (and might collect) outstanding invoice balances (while issuing a cash receipt);
  • Might pick product and print an invoice or delivery note (for Van Sales).

Throughout the process, SalesSuite collects statistics; might read asset tags, check GPS coordinates, etc. And where unable to make a sale, record the reason for such.

With Modern Trade selling, a company manages their presence, pricing and product portfolio. Key Account managers set up periodic communications and surveys which automatically circulate to the field reps auditing accounts and who can reply. To this end, SalesSuite offers an add-on set of tools along with processes and protocols to properly manage one’s Modern Trade. These form a structured approach for communicating deals and using Field staff (either one’s own Sales Reps or 3rd parties) to monitor shelves and confirm that the initiatives agreed are executed and that exceptions are reported quickly for rectification.

For those businesses that deploy company assets to customer premises, SalesSuite’s systems and processes assists by ensuring the equipment is periodically audited (as part of the sales processes), their repairs (by 3rd parties) are validated by field staff and that the accounts hosting the equipment justify the continued deployment with adequate sales volumes. Managing this equipment is intrinsic to SalesSuite which also facilitates investigating assets as well as reporting on placements, uplifts and swaps.

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